A new child-free book will be released on October 01, 2012. It is entitled Being Fruitful Without Multiplying and is by Patricia Yvette, Renne Ann, Janice Lynne…and Many Others. I am one of the others whose essay about child-free living will be included in this book. It will be published by Coffee Town Press (www.coffeetownpress.com) and its price is $14.95 (254 pages, ISBN: 978-1-60381-155-2). It is available from Amazon.com.

Being Fruitful without Multiplying  Child-free and childless women and men from 17 US states and 13 countries are represented and range in age from twenty to sixty-one. The three authors of this book are relatives from different generations who discovered that they all belonged to childless or child-free internet social groups. Over sixty women and a few men wrote essays which will be included in Being Fruitful Without Multiplying.

These women also were weary of the questions the child-free and childless are asked every day by well meaning people about why they had not borne children. As they reached out in their online communities they discovered many other people like themselves who had decided not to have children by choice or others who could not bear children due to biological factors, but who grew to enjoy not having children. Some decided to become step-parents or adopt children.

A blog (http://beingfruitfulwithoutmultiplying.com/) with the same title grew from their interactions and this book was borne from the blog. Input from various contributors to the blog and a Facebook page were the impetus for this book. The Facebook page asked for essays from its members about why they are child-free for this book.

I contributed my ideas, had my essay accepted and now will get to read it and many other interesting ones in this highly anticipated book. I can’t wait to read it and know I will finish this book in a day. It will be a definite page turner for the child-free and childless.

~ Cynthia Southern